Air Conditioning
Starting at $79.00 +Parts We perform full service to the AC system of your vehicle.
Brake Service
Starting at $69.95 +Parts Having a reliable brake system in your car is extremely important, and we know that, so every job we perform we double and triple check.
Starting at $59.00 +Parts We install all types of mufflers in your car, stock or performance oriented, just let us know and we will recomend the one that fits.
** Starting at $49.00 +Parts Is it time for a smog check or you need to perform the periodic tune-up to your vehicle. Just stop by and we will take care of the tune-up.
Oil Change
** Starting at $15.00 +Parts Maintain your car performing at its best, the most effective method is by changing the motor oil at the recomended intervals. Bring it over and we will gladly service it.

** Oil and filters are considered parts.